Hello Beautiful!

Step into the world of a florist shop in Danville, California called The Flower Theory  shop. This shop is so much more than just interesting flower arrangements. The owner showcases local artists, makers and creators next to flea market finds and jewelry for a cause. Follow her instagram account to see her local pop-up markets and varying treasures!

Below is the owner mid way through an amazing install for the San Ramon Valley High school Grad Night. Scroll along to see some of the gems in her studio space, but make sure to pop in yourself because it is always changing.

These are malas made by The Sparrows Nest Studio supporting a New Day for Children. When you buy this bling, 100% is donated to prevent American child sex trafficking and restoring rescue survivors. Layer your arms with these and spread the love and awareness.

These are Oil Paintings by Mary Jane Jones from New Orleans. Sold at the Flower Theory Shop and you can check out her etsy shop and instagram online.

Behind the scenes building a floral wall and stuffing jeans "butts" ... because, the graduates are off to kick some!