How can this be? We have no babies in our home. 

There are kids. This didn't happen overnight, so it's not a smack in the face type of surprise.

It is still shocking none the less.

Regardless of my amazement, we had our tradition of waking up to balloons and our birthday hike after cake in our backyard trail... Take a look at our family photos. 

If you decide to try this at home (you should!)  a few tips:

1. Make sure your "3" is facing the correct way - it can easily get reversed if you are a. hurrying because you are loosing light and your childrens attention b. your 5 year old is the photographer of those images c. all of the above. However it is still possible to love the images (maybe even more) because that is just so like your family.

2. Be ready for wind. Helllloooo action shots!

We love you Crew.