We were certain Baby would come early, like her baby sister. After daily text messages for 3 weeks, the one final came - “MY WATER BROKE!!” - over a week past her due date. After a few updates from the doctors, they declared baby would be here today, I packed up my gear to join the family waiting at the hospital.

From checks-ups, waiting rooms, puzzles and Uno with the family I documented it all. Finally, around 8:20 pm, they did a final check and said Mama would be pushing within the hour. I was heading out of the room to give her a few more minutes of peace when I was called back in by the nurse - it was happening now! 3 pushes later, dad assisted to pull the baby out and we all learned it was a girl!

All of a sudden the earth cracked open and there was one more soul in the room. Baby Briella Blake. It was a honor and worth every second of being on my toes for this opportunity.

Here is the story in photographs and video footage.