It’s the very first weekend of summer. We have travel plans soon, but i just couldn’t wait to get out of the house, soak up the sun and play. Luckily the boys are past diapers and decent in the car. So we have been exploring local towns and having mini adventures. Today we brought my parents (it’s great to have almost retired family members around that are also up doing things with the kids and I. (I think my husband also loves the time alone to do his thing too)

We started at an estate sale and made our way to a outside patio at Creek Monkey for some snacks. Bonus that we could see the turtles swim in the creek from right next to our table.

We strolled the town and end up in Knots and Found. You can follow their feed to see when new plants and items come in stock.


Step inside plant heaven…

The boys picked out 8 little plant babies (We are going to plant them in an old chicken feeder!) and I got a hanging one for our bathroom - all the plants came with careful instructions by the shop owner. She has amazing plant knowledge to set you up for success.

I basically want to move in there and live among the plants… at least my atrium is getting close!